Richy Stilliano

Always a pleasure working with Karan. Takes time to ensure the quality is there and both engineer and client are satisfied. Also openly provides constructive feedback in a way which is welcomed. Highly recommended  

Luke Targett

Karan carries a keen and charismatic personality, this coupled with his fantastic ability on bass and guitar really makes him one of a kind. I can tell when he’s performed on a record, all his parts are meticulously played and full of character, and the fact he has an awesome tone is the icing on… Continue reading Luke Targett

Liam Alexander

Karan is a professional, highly skilled and extremely likable musician. He has a great ear for music and knows how to use his skills as a guitarist / bassist to enhance projects from a variety of genres. The first time I reached out to Karan was when I was creating my first ever original track.… Continue reading Liam Alexander

Henry Pugh

“When I think of someone to record guitar or to record bass, I now think of K Master Productions and Karan Master. Not only did he deliver a awesome guitar stem way before the deadline, since I was one of his first customers, He wrote, recorded and produced an entire song out of just my vocal… Continue reading Henry Pugh