Organic Marketing: Spotify Playlist Placement

What Is Spotify Playlist Placement?

With Spotify’s 2021 monthly active users forecast estimating over 400 million, it comes to no surprise why the platform has become the dominant streaming service for modern music. With Spotify’s abundance of listeners comes an abundance of artists all trying to get their voice heard. So how can an artist get their music to the biggest audience? Playlists.

With over millions of playlists covering every genre, there a collective audience waiting to listen to the artist. Followers on playlists can be from hundreds to millions. Reaching the curators of these playlists and negotiating a placement of an artists track is known as Spotify Playlist Placement.

Curators of playlists can be record labels, influencers, agencies, individuals or the official Spotify curator team. Any Spotify user is free to curate a playlist that can have a large following. What is essential, is how they achieved these means. The Spotify algorithm is designed to only promote music that has an organic and active audience. 2018-2019 saw a huge rise in ‘pay for a certain number of streams’ playlists. These playlists used bots to achieve un-listened to high volume streams. Doing this distorts artists information and prevents them for accessing real fans. These actions show in the metrics of their followers, often exhibiting extreme spikes and drops as well as losing and regaining most (if not all) of their followers in a matter of days. This is why we research every playlist in great detail before submission to ensure that your music is in front of the right people. We get you on playlists that achieve organic listeners and fans that come back for more.

A primary goal for most if not all artists, is to be selected for a Spotify official playlist. These are by far the largest playlists on the platform, with some having followers of over 20 million. Artists are chosen either via the algorithm or the official Spotify curator team. Submission for the later is easy to achieve. Once you have submitted your song via your distributor (DistroKid, Ditto etc) you will have the option in your Spotify for Artists profile to submit the song to the Spotify editors. Please be sure to do this over 4 weeks before your release date as the Spotify guidelines recommend. Achieving the goal of being selected by the algorithm can be done via 2 steps. The first is to achieve a high number of streams (10k+) within 24 hours of your release. The 2nd is to have consistent releases throughout the year (at least 1 a month).

How much is a stream worth?

Defining the worth of a stream is important. If a stream is a number on a screen then what is it’s real value? If a stream is a captivated listener that will become a fan that streams thousands of times over a year, it has a lot of value. A real stream is a listener who’s likely to be your fan. This is the goal behind a stream and behind achieving millions of streams through playlists. 




Working With Us

Our Process


Using a private listening copy of the song, detailed research is conducted to find keys words, themes & genres that fit your target market. High volumes of playlists and the contacts of their curators fitting these categories are found on Spotify. These playlists are then carefully assessed for organic growth


All playlists are professionally contacted and pitched to. 


Responses received are negotiated and acceptance playlists are relayed all the information to begin the placement. Relationships are built with curators for future releases.

Client Experience

Here are two examples of artists we have worked with who are in very different situations.

Meet Karma!

Karma is an independent artist from the UK. From previous experiences releasing music, Karma found an interest in organic marketing specifically with the goal to build a quality not quantity fan base. Rebranding himself from previous releases, Karma created a catalogue sufficient to cover monthly releases throughout the year. He reached out to K Master Productions to build an organic following from the ground up. In the last 5 months of working together Karma has gained well over 160,000 streams, 21000 monthly listeners  and 1000 followers!

With a fantastic work ethic and great mindset Karma continues to conquer his goals and progress his career in the music industry.

Meet Acebergtm!

Acebergtm is an artist from Lagos signed to record label, SJW Records. K Master Productions was approached by the label to work on his single ‘Danca’, which to date has over 280000 streams on Spotify.

The journey of every artist is unique, regardless of where you are in yours we are here build/grow the missing piece of the puzzle of releasing great music….an organic fan base!


Artist Requirements For Spotify Playlist Placements


To qualify for Spotify Playlist Placements artists must have the following:

  1. Industry standard final masters of songs – demos, un mastered tracks and bed room recordings are not applicable for our playlist partners.
  2. High quality photos – for Spotify Profile.
  3. A short biography explaining who the artists is and their journey up to this release.


How To get Started


To begin your Spotify Playlist Placements send us message below and let us know how we can start building your dream fan base today!