What Our Clients Say

Henry Pugh

Artist, Singer & Songwriter

“When I think of someone to record guitar or to record bass, I now think of K Master Productions and Karan Master an online session musicians. Not only did he deliver a awesome guitar stem way before the deadline, since I was one of his first customers, He wrote, recorded and produced an entire song out of just my vocal line. I can’t believe it! How he managed to just take my vocals and made a whole track with a guitar, drums, bass and an added synth in just one day. The song and production was up to a high standard and I never thought It would be this quick and easy to have a professionally recorded guitar and bass. Thank you :)”

Liam Alexander

Artist & Songwriter

“Karan is a professional online session musicians, highly skilled and extremely likable musician. He has a great ear for music and knows how to use his skills as a guitarist / bassist to enhance projects from a variety of genres.

The first time I reached out to Karan was when I was creating my first ever original track. Karan was very interested in what I wanted to get out of the song as well as offering a plethora of different sounds and working with me to help produce the best possible sounding track..
One of the most impressive skills Karan possesses would be his ability to turn around an idea for a song within a short period of time. After offering very little information of what I was looking for from him, Karan arrived at the Studio a couple of days after sharing my project with him with multiple different ideas of directions we could take my project, collaboratively.

As someone who is new to the creation and distribution of original music, Karan willingly offered plenty of his knowledge and experience to help guide me in the right direction. All of this, alongside him being an extremely friendly guy, makes Karan super fun, easy and effective to work with! I would recommend Karan’s skills for people at any level of music production.”


Luke Targett

Producer, Songwriter & Artist

“Karan carries a keen and charismatic personality, this coupled with his fantastic ability on bass and guitar really makes him one of a kind session musicians. I can tell when he’s performed on a record, all his parts are meticulously played and full of character, and the fact he has an awesome tone is the icing on the cake.”

Richy Stilliano (Emotive Concept)

Rapper, Artist & Songwriter

“Always a pleasure working with Karan. Takes time to ensure the quality is there and both engineer and client are satisfied. Also openly provides constructive feedback in a way which is welcomed. Highly recommended”

Sonny Prince

Composer, Producer & Musician

“Top production, great rates, quick turn-around with no compromise on quality. Very, very pleased with the tracks!”

Jamicheal Harris

Vocalist & Artist

“Thanks for the amazing instrumentals!”