Music Consulting

                      Achieving Your Goals In The Music Industry



Our music consultancy & management programs are designed for artists looking for long term success in the music industry.

You will be working with and be managed by our team over periods ranging from 3 months to 1 year.

Over this period we will deep dive into not only your goals but the purpose behind them.


Step 1: Define your goals


What is the purpose of each release? To hit 10k streams? For momentum to launch another? To raise awareness? To get a publishing deal?


We help you define and identify your goals and the long term purpose behind them. Metrics (streams/saves/followers) can be a great indicator of success however without purpose driven goals such as building a fan base or  creating revenue streams with existing fan bases, metrics can often become numbers on a screen.


Which is why the heart of our consultancy & management programs is long term success.


Step 2: The Blueprint


Now that we know exactly what you want to achieve crystal clear… We make the path to getting there just as simple.

We create a step by step daily plan and schedule so that you know exactly how to move forward in the right direction!


Step 3: Management


Keeping in line with the step by step blueprint you will work with us for 3 sessions a week to work on tasks or for guidance, support & further problem solving.

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