Who Are We?

Karan Master

Independent music consultant

Gigging since the age of 12, Karan Master an independent music consultant began to hone his musical skills early in life. After pursuing his other interest of a masters degree in electronic engineering, Karan began his full time career as a live & session musician.

Working writing and performing with original artists & bands, music mixing and mastering services, function & corporate shows, studio sessions and running jam nights further developed him over a variety of genres.


Karan began music mixing and mastering services and developing his own guitar led style which combined genres such as emo/pop punk with funk, jazz and neo soul and this lead to his band ’The fortySix’ receiving a management deal with The Oblique Life in 2018. With their support and playing shows & festivals across the UK the band’s music received over 90 thousand streams in 2019 on Spotify alone.


Always working closely with management and marketing, began applying these skills independently for other artists such as Lili White with her release ‘perfect imperfections’. Working with other artists ignited a new passion for Karan. Using his live, studio and industry experience to help other artists achieve their goals.


Working as a producer online with K Master Productions or in person at Untapped Talent Recording Studios, Karan now uses his skills to help artists of today achieve their dreams.

Matt O’Donnell

Music mixing and mastering services

Matt’s is the owner Independent music consultant , producer and music mixing and mastering services engineer of Untapped Talent Recording Studios.

Working on all types of music mixing and mastering seervices projects and helping with regards to co-producing records and involvement in every stage of the recordings, from pre-production in the rehearsal studio, through to the finishing touches in our main studio.

He has worked with several high profiled companies such as Sony BMG, SKY, BBC, Southern Daily Echo and theatre company Smile Productions. Not only this but Matt has also worked and recorded in many recording studios throughout the UK and is highly experienced in the world of music.

Matt’s previous studio projects have included award winning and million album selling Welsh rockers Bullet For My Valentine, Southampton’s own Band of Skulls, British hip-hop artist Brotherman and Marvelous Southstar, former Def Jam artist Aaron Soul and many other established acts.

Jacob Flood

Music mixing and mastering services
Jacob started his musical career in the early 90’s at 14 sneaking into a local jazz club and jamming on stage with the house band and playing numerous amateur dramatics performances of ‘Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. He also played percussion in Michelmersh Silver Band.
At the age of 16 Jacob formed an alternative covers band playing blur, therapy and manic street preacher tracks as well as original material.

Jacob then went onto study Performing Arts specialising in music and sound engineering at South Downs College, Havant. At this point he formed a nu-metal band called ‘Outinside’ who regularly headlined shows at The Joiners, Southampton and The Railway Inn, Winchester and many other venues in London and across the south of England.

After this he formed ‘This is prologue’ who had supports with ‘Hundred Reasons’ and ‘Cave in’ and then later went on to perform with Jazz metalers ‘Karalta’ where he recorded two E.Ps and a full length studio album and headlined shows around the south of England and London.

In 2011 Jacob began playing briefly in a progressive Metal band who proudly Supported Tesseract and Heights

In December 2013 he was asked to join ‘Vendetta’ an established rock/pop covers band who played local clubs and pubs in Hampshire before they disbanded.

In July 2014 he was asked to form a new group which consisted of x members of ‘This is Prologue’ and ‘Dilutral’ a new Southampton based super group with a clear intention to write and play top standard original material without the pressure of seeking record deals and tours, a mature approach to the current music business without the ideas of making it big, Called Decapod and still playing with them to this day and have shared the stage with Agent Fresco, Psychostick, Earthtone9 and many other current promotor favourites. currently they are recording there Debut album for release in 2017.

In 2017 he joined aAnd? Bournemouth based, Morph suit wearing, Exterme Metal Band who have been described as .Not for those who value Melody or Sanity’. Establishing a healthy following and supporting bands such as Napalm Death, Black Tongue, Okilly Dokilly and Skinny Puhh and recieved acclaimed reviews.

In 2018 he became director of Drums at River/Black Room Studios where he tech supported the studio drums, promoted and arranged clinics, coached drums and performance and ran the Drum Academy.

In 2018 he signed Endorsments with Code Drumheads and The London Drumstick Company.