K Master Productions is a boutique music production and marketing company that is dedicated to creating solutions for the future of the music industry…you!


Working with creatives set out for careers in music, we are fully equipped to help your vision become a reality in record time! Utilising cutting edge technology and expertise, all aspects of production, from songwriting to mastering can now be created and  delivered remotely.  We believe you deserve professional industry standard work that will progress your career, no matter where you are!


Covering both sides of the coin our organic marketing programs were born to solve the age old question…’How can I get my music heard?’


With todays industry heavily saturated, it’s the more essential than ever to build a targeted and dedicated fan base through organic means. Our programs use your music to create target market groups to place your content in front of the right people! 


See which of our services best suits your goals or reach out and tell us exactly how we can help you achieve your goal today!

Music consultant services

Custom Song Creation

An original piece of music custom made for you

Music Production Services

Mixing & Mastering

Taking your recordings to the next level



Music consultant services

Session Musician

Professional session musicians ready to record instruments for your next song

Organic Marketing

Grow real fans who will not only support your music but your career


What Our Clients Say

“When I think of someone to record guitar or to record bass, I now think of K Master Productions and Karan Master. Not only did he deliver a awesome guitar stem way before the deadline, since I was one of his first customers, He wrote, recorded and produced an entire song out of just my vocal line. I can’t believe it! How he managed to just take my vocals and made a whole track with a guitar, drums, bass and an added synth in just one day. The song and production was up to a high standard and I never thought It would be this quick and easy to have a professionally recorded guitar and bass. Thank you :)”



Henry Pugh
Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Karan is a professional, highly skilled and extremely likable musician. He has a great ear for music and knows how to use his skills as a guitarist / bassist to enhance projects from a variety of genres.
The first time I reached out to Karan was when I was creating my first ever original track. Karan was very interested in what I wanted to get out of the song as well as offering a plethora of different sounds and working with me to help produce the best possible sounding track..


Liam Alexander
Artist & Songwriter

Karan carries a keen and charismatic personality, this coupled with his fantastic ability on bass and guitar really makes him one of a kind. I can tell when he’s performed on a record, all his parts are meticulously played and full of character, and the fact he has an awesome tone is the icing on the cake.


Luke Targett
Producer, Songwriter & Artist

Always a pleasure working with Karan. Takes time to ensure the quality is there and both engineer and client are satisfied. Also openly provides constructive feedback in a way which is welcomed. Highly recommended


Richy Stilliano
Rapper, Artist & Songwriter